Our Most Popular Youtube Videos

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. That's where we, and our clients, go for tutorials and honestly, a lot of our entertainment. About 5 years ago, I created a YouTube channel in an effort to help clients with their makeup and hair styling issues. The channel has evolved a bit, but we thought it could be fun to share our most popular YouTube videos over the past few years. Take a look, and tell us which one is your favorite!

This first one is my go to makeup look for a full salon workday or date night.

"How to use Velcro Rollers" is my most watched video for sure. I slightly cringe as I look back at a lot of these, because I've changed my filming techniques and equipment out a few times at this point. Many are blurry or could have better editing, but it makes me appreciate how much I've learned in the past few years. 

This next tutorial is my favorite way to style my hair to day!

The escape room vlog was my first time branching away from just beauty content. Some of our best friends opened an escape room in Wilmington, NC and invited us to preview their first room. This was also fun to film, because Jeremy and I both took a role in creating it. Three take aways from this video: (1) I have the most supportive husband, (2) I'm surprisingly helpful in escape rooms, and (3) if you're in NC, you must check out Green Light Escape Room in Wilmington, NC.

Let's discuss this hair.......

What a wild ride! I hope you enjoyed looking back at these videos with me. When you're visiting the YouTube channel, please 'like' the video and subscribe to the channel to keep up with all of our adventures. I hope you have an amazing day!