Looking Back & Looking Forward

In 2015, I can safely say that I explored more makeup and hair products than ever before. I even dabbled in the world of laser skin treatments. What can I say, I'm a pretty wild lady. As I looked back on my top beauty picks for 2015, it was nice to see a few longtime loves were still in the mix. My Philosophy Purity face wash and MAC's Syrup were two of my first high end beauty products and they continue to be in my daily routine. It is nice to spice things up, though, and that's why I'm so glad that I discovered the Glo Minerals Liquid Ink Liner and the AG Hair Sterling Silver Shampoo and conditioner. The Liquid Ink Liner is an amazing long- wearing, satin finish eye liner that makes winged liner a breeze. I, also, went more cool-toned with my color this year by trying a demure version of "Granny", or grey hair. The Sterling Silver Shampoo and Conditioner helped moisturize and beautifully maintain the strong violet tone I was rocking. I loved it so much that I even brought it into the salon, because I knew that all of my blonde clients would love it, too. Its the most effective toning shampoo I've touched in years. For the full list of my Top 15 Beauty Products of 2015, check out the latest video on our YouTube Channel.

Going forward into 2016, I would like set a few beauty goals. The First is (1)to take off my eye makeup each night. I'm pretty good about removing my face makeup, but I often can't be bothered to remove my stubborn waterproof eye makeup. As I get closer to 30, and fine lines are presenting themselves each minute, I know it will help dramatically just by adding this step into my nightly routine. (2) The Second goal is to use up products before repurchasing a similar one. This will help me to not be wasteful, and maybe save a little cash by asking myself " Do I need this?" (3) My Third goal is to take a little better care of my skin by doing a weekly at-home spa routine. I want to use a purifying mask to purge the nastiness out of my pores, and then follow it with something super nourishing, like a hydrating sheet mask. What are your Beauty Goals for 2016?