The Bottom Five - My Least Favorite Empties

I keep my Empty Product basket in my bathroom and it even blows MY mind how many products that I use up in the course of a month or two. Here is the nitty gritty on the bottom of the basket, literally.

The Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Candle in Lemon Verbena was so much of a stand out product to me. Unfortunately, that made the (1) Lavender Clean Day Candle seem lackluster. I love the scent of lavender essential oils and room sprays, however, this one had abit too much of a perfume quality about it. It seemed strangely artificial and not as soothing as lavender tends to be.

We also finished up the (2) Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste. We've been trying to move our products to the more natural end of the spectrum. I realize that a more natural toothpaste may be more gentle than the norm, but I just don't think that this was very effective. Baking soda would be more effective and much cheaper.

As I am reminded every day of my life, I'm an oily monster. Everywhere. This month I tried the (3) Biolage Dry Shampoo. It had a light scent and an attractive price point, but that's about it. It's so lightweight that I had to use a ton of it, and because of that it only took me a week to burn through it. Simply put, I'll be staying with my trusty Bamboo Cleanse Extend.

I haven't used many of the Anastasia Beverly Hills products, so I was pumped to receive a deluxe sample of the (4) Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius. I was intrigued by the concept of a waterproof topcoat for your lashes. The brush separates the lashes and all, but I couldn't help but ask myself " Why do you need this?" To me, its just unnecessary. Just use a waterproof mascara and a lash comb. Maybe it's great for photo shoots in water? Even still, for 99% of the population there is no point to having this in your makeup collection.  

The most disappointing product from my Empties has to be the (5) Maybelline The Falsies Black Drama Mascara. The original, The Falsies, formula is great. Unfortunately, this one fell flat. The chunky plastic brush glops mascara onto your lashes for a clumpy, not false, effect. The same is true with most book and movie sequels. Check out the first one and pass on all the rest.

To get the low down on all of my Empties, check out my latest YouTube video!